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Garden Coaching


Have no idea when it comes to gardening? Get the 'cheat sheet' for your garden care!

Garden coaching (at your place) makes gardening easier. Find out what you need to do and when. Maye guides you through gardening tasks for quick, easy learning so you can get gardening faster!

  •  Perfect for gardening newbies

  • Specific to your gardens needs with hands-on coaching and advice.

  • Progress check-up consultations available - Keep your garden on track with progress consultations. Ask questions and get your garden growing strong

Garden with confidence!

Skilled Horticultural Services

With a little help from a pro...

Many people can carry out the gardening basics themselves but would appreciate a little gardening support with the more intimidating or time consuming jobs.

Maye can help you with:


Includes fruit trees, shrubs and climbers up to 2.5 m

Espalier Care

Pruning & training fruit trees, shrubs & ornamentals


Small to medium sized hedges

(max 2m)


Slow release & liquid fertiliser for garden beds, pots, veg gardens & lawns

Fresh Harvest
Veg Garden

Planting crops, training & feeding so you just water & harvest

Pest  Management

Organic sprays & other organic approaches

'Potting Up'

Transplanting plants into larger pots for more root space & a happier plant

Filling in the gaps
Small Planting Jobs

Planting suggestions for gaps in your garden. Maye can plant these for you too.

How Does it Work?

Gardens are highly individual. Some require more work than others depending on your garden size, plant type and whether a lot of pruning, hedging or spraying is required. This can also fluctuate depending on the seasons and weather.

  1. Choose one of the maintenance options (listed below) and send an enquiry

  2. Maye will contact you and request further information

  3. Fill in forms - emailed to you along with terms and conditions

  4. Booking day and time will be arranged

  5. How long does a maintenance session take? - This is highly dependent on multiple variables. You can either choose to leave it up to Maye's discretion or set a maximum time limit. Obviously, a time restriction means not all jobs may be completed but Maye will endeavor to do as much as possible within that time frame

  6. Maintenance - Maye will text you when she arrives and leaves. The invoice will include details of tasks carried out and further notes if applicable.

Maintenance Options


$70 per hour plus call out fee

  • Particularly beneficial for high maintenance gardens

  • Generally shorter sessions as jobs are kept up to date

  • Pests and diseases are monitored and managed faster


$70 per hour plus call out fee

  • Keeps your garden in good check

  • Great for those who appreciate regular help with larger or trickier tasks in the garden


$70 per hour plus call out fee

  • Pulls your garden back into shape

  • Longer sessions are most likely required as the garden has gone unchecked for greater period

  • Great for help as you need it

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you remove green waste?

Unfortunately not, however Maye will happily place weeds, garden clippings and cut up pruning to fit in your green waste bin. She can cut up pieces for kindling and firewood or place in your compost. Processing garden waste on site is better for the environment if you can do it.

Do I need to be home?

No, however Maye obviously needs to be able to access your garden. She will discuss this with you prior to coming.

What if it's raining?

Maye will still work if jobs are safe and quality of work will not be too effected. Certain jobs may have to be rain checked (pun not intended!), in the interest plant health - eg. pruning fruit trees in wet weather increases the chances of fungal and bacterial infections. Maye will reschedule your job to another convenient day and time.

What if it's hot?

On extremely hot days Maye will endeavor to start as early as possible so that she can work efficiently and effectively for you. In the event that this is not possible, she will reschedule your job to another convenient day and time.

What if I only need certain jobs done?

That's fine. Just let Maye know what these jobs are. Many clients simply get her to do the trickier gardening tasks like pruning.

Do I need to provide anything like fertiliser?

It's up to you. Maye can provide a list of the products you will need or she can source them for you at an additional fee. eg. fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, compost, potting mix etc

What if I have dogs?

No problem. Maye will always shut the gate. However, if your dogs are aggressive or can be unpredictable, please keep them secure during this time.

How do I pay?

Maintenance is invoiced via email and payable via credit card, direct bank transfer or bpay strictly within 7days..

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