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Meet Maye Gill

B. App Sc. Horticulture (Burnley, Melb. Uni)

Hi, I'm Maye and I love to design and create edible gardens that look amazing.​

Let me take you through some inspiring ideas and provide you with tips and tricks to get your own edible garden started.


​​I'm particularly passionate about formal and semi formal designs incorporating espaliered fruit trees and fruiting hedges into my designs.


Your garden can be a gorgeous, entertaining space while still being edible! With some clever designing, you can be eating your own fresh fruit, veg and herbs in no time!

An edible garden doesn't have to compromise on style. Entertain in a gorgeous edible oasis.


Watch the kids run around in a garden full of fresh produce - play and snack!


Fresh produce, healthier lifestyle, cook with your garden and say goodbye to food wrapped in plastic!

Let Maye design a garden that looks gorgeous and tastes great too!

Maye maintains edible and ornamental gardens alike.

Like the idea of an edible garden but don't have time or the gardening  knowledge to look after it? Get Maye to do it for you.


Imagine an edible garden that is regularly maintained and planted up so all you do is harvest and eat!

Why Go Edible?

Boost your health

Strawberry Picking 2

Fun with the kids

Pick and eat berries and fruit!

Learn how things grow

Teach healthy eating & nutrition


Fresh, organically grown ingredients 

Say goodbye to supermarkets and hello fresh air and sunshine!


Screen Shot 2020-03-22 at 8.02.16 pm.png

Self sufficiency

No panic buying here!  Convenient, loads of produce Swap excess produce with neighbours

Berry smoothies pic.jpg

Imagine chilled summer smoothies with backyard berries, loaded with antioxidants - natures anti-carcinogens...

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